Jul. 2015
We did not go to Cannes because we are busy working with Eva Mendes. Are we still cool guys?
May. 2015
Today is 5 de mayo. Let's celebrate Disney.
Feb. 2015
Since the pope is Argentine we're gonna give up our ego for lent!
Dec. 2014
If last year Santa didn't bring you the Hispanic Advertising Agency you asked him for...
Nov. 2014
You don't need to be Mexican to remember your dead ones
Jul. 2014

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Jan. 2014
I'm Inviting
Dec. 2013

You know ... something is the opposite of "nothing." Meaning something with some "memorable value" or from the business POV "value for your money." Please check out our last campaign to see our work and then print the calendar so you can see that you still have more than 27 almanac excuses to "say something" in the Hispanic Market.

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Dec. 2013
We wish you an animated Christmas
Aug. 2013

The Hispanic market, what could be there for you and a few ideas on how to get it.

Do You Want Your Brand To Win The Next Reelection?- It's not news that Obama won because of Hispanic support in key states. Yes we can, yes we did and yes we will do it again!

The Latino segment of the population seems to say: if the famous and paranoid short story "Casa Tomada" had not been written by Julio Cortázar in Argentina in 1946, it could have easily been written last year in the U.S. by Noam Chomsky.

Where Are You In The Evolution Of The Hispanic Market?- The Hispanic market started with marketing-focused agencies that enjoyed their moment of relevance as far as the construction and justification of that market was concerned.

But now, to grow in the Latino market you may need to add a more creative, appealing layer.

Why? Because 16 percent of the U.S. population is Hispanic, but 16 percent of international award recipients sure aren't and certainly, 16 percent of U.S. advertising expenditures aren't Latino-focused.

To reach the next plateau, you need to capitalize on your brand in that gap. That's the business reason to embark on, or at least to try to embrace, creative advertising in the U.S. Hispanic market.
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Apr. 2013

No, no and no. Stop. Niet. Nein. Stay away! Don't even think about it. Leave it to me! I do this for a living, seriously. It's how I pay for my frijoles! Yankee go home!

What do you mean you are already at home because this is your country?
And this is your account? And you are "the brand keeper?" Please don't go there. This is not the moment to choose between "Apocalyptic and integrated," * that's for intellectuals and you have a business to run. This could be the moment for your brand to get in good with almost 50 million Americans by telling them that you recognize and cherish their culture and heritage. And more importantly, their feelings and emotions about their mothers.

What do you need to know to advertise for Mother's Day in the Hispanic market?
OK, this is very important. Stop being lazy! We all know that the "abuelita" is the mother of all mothers but stop using her in every spot because she's also the mother of all Hispanic clichés. By now the Latino lobby in the U.S. Congress **is about to pass legislation against using the "abuelita" in advertising. Besides, if you don't communicate in a creative way and you keep repeating the same use of the same clichés, you're going to lose the young Hispanics and yes, they're the ones that got President Obama re-elected. And you want your brand to get re-elected don't you? Straight to the point, if you're paying for "creative hours" aren't you expecting creative communication?
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Nov. 2012

How much an idea costs is different from how much value it has and how much profit it can generate. The truth is that no one can answer any of these three questions until after the idea is in motion. Well, maybe the person who first had the idea can say how much it cost them, but they're almost never in a position to assess its value because they are just the supply, not the demand.

When we're emerging from a recession is not the time to begin looking for an answer to these questions, it's the time to find the answer. And having to look for and do freelance work is the empirical path to that answer. It seems to be the ideal time. On the one hand, most of the agencies have kept the personnel that are strictly necessary to maintain operations, but not enough to see their accounts grow, and much less to do RFIs, RFPs, biddings and everything else that makes an agency grow and the entire sector along with it (in other words, to emerge from the recession). And on the other hand, personal communications media – Skype, email, ftp, and smartphones – make it easier to work with the ideal professional than simply with the one that is closest by.
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Sep. 2012

How many years was America called "The New World"? Well maybe that was right right in more than one sense. Do you want to dream in colors? Welcome to the new America! Welcome to the new world! Do you want to speak several languages, understand different cultures? Welcome to the new America! Welcome to the new world! "Mi casa es su casa" like they say in the movies, and speaking of movies, do you remember almost 30 years ago in the movie Blade Runner that the L.A. police speak a "polilingua"? As the Harrison Ford character said while he was arrested by Edward James Olmos: "That gibberish he talk, was city speak, gutter talk. A mismatch of Japanese, Spanish, German, what have you. I didn’t need a translator, I know the lingo, every good cop did." Well, the future is here: Latinos, Africans, Arabs, Asians, Hindus, Pakistanis, Eastern Europeans... everybody has a cousin here. We are the new immigrants and we are building a new mainstream. (With our special thanks to the old inmigrants for building the old mainstream).
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